Spring CSA Share (6 Weeks)
  • Spring CSA Share (6 Weeks)


    Gift 6 weeks of spring & summer flowers! Our spring CSA Share will begin around the middle of April.  We will contact participants two weeks before the start date using the email given to purchase the CSA subscription or you can leave a note with the name and email address of the recipient.


    What is a Bouquet Share or Flower CSA?

    We are happy to offer several options this season for Flower CSA Shares (Community Supported Agriculture).  In a CSA, a community of members come together to purchase a "share" of what will be produced in the upcoming growing season.  With your money we purchase seeds, bulbs, and supplies. In return for this support, you will receive a lush, one of a kind seasonal bouquet that is sustainably grown on our local farm. These blooms come picked fresh from our field and greenhouses and are lovingly wrapped in brown kraft paper or a clear floral sleeve.

    As a member of Tracey Rae's Flower CSA, you can be sure to receive the best of what is blooming! For spring this may include ranunculus, anemones, tulips, sweet peas, delphinium, nigella, bachelors buttons, foxglove, statice, campanula, icelandic poppies, and more! For our summer share this may include sunflowers, celosia, dahlias, feverfew, strawflower, gomphrena, lilies, cosmos, zinnias, and many other blooms.  After picking up your share, members simply re-cut the ends of the flower stems and place them in a vase with water for a beautiful addition to their home or office, or bouquets can be gifted to someone special!


    What can I expect as a CSA Flower Share Member? 

    CSA flower bouquets typically last about a week although every flower's vase life is a little different.  Each week we will send a reminder email that your bouquet is ready for pickup as well as tips for keeping your flowers fresh. We will also include details on what flowers you can expect to find in your bouquet.  A selection of bouquets will be in buckets where you can select the bouquet that first catches your eye! All blooms are locally grown by us and picked just a day or two before ending up in a vase in your home.  Thank you so much for supporting our flower farm and we hope you or your loved one greatly enjoys their gift of fresh farm flowers! 


    Tracey & Matt Parriman

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