(4 Week) Dahlia CSA Share
  • (4 Week) Dahlia CSA Share


    In our Fall Flower Series, you will receive $20 worth of our most gorgeous Dahlias each week for 4 weeks! We are growing our largest plot of dahlias to date and we are very eager to share them with you. Each week, we will select only the best of the best from our field. Let us spoil you with Fall's finest flowers!! Dahlias only in this CSA share unless we decide to add something extra to complement them!


    Our dahlia share will run September 17th - October  10th 


    Choose from pickup at -

    Madeira Farmers Market - Thursdays 4-7

    Farm Pickup - Fridays 4-7 

    Milford Farmers Market  - Saturdays 10-2


    We will confirm which location you intend to pickup from in our first CSA welcome email.  


    • Dahlias are easily one of the most impressive flowers available in the late summer and through fall.  They really aren't seen in big stores or florist shops unless sourced locally, because they simply don't ship well. When harvested at the perfect time, dahlias typically have a vase life of 3-6 days depending on variety, size, room temp, and water quality. Because you are getting them straight from the fields, you will enjoy the longest possible enjoyment from your flowers. We will provide you with flower care instructions in your introduction CSA email.  For optimum survival, get them in water as soon as you can.  Bringing a container of water that fits in your cupholder is a great choice, and then putting them into a clean vase with fresh water once you get home is great too!  Dahlias really suck up the water, so make sure to not let them dry out. Also, we will provide flower food for your order as well to really maximize vase life. Lastly, as the larger blooms fade out, pick them out to enjoy the remaining flowers!

    Tracey Rae Farmer Florist 

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